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Tough Trucks

1. Open to any 4,6, or 8 cylinder car, truck, van, or SUV (2 or 4 wheel drive).

2. Any vehicle that enters the competition must pass a basic safety inspection by Officials.

3. Vehicle must be in good mechanical condition and must have good working brakes and hooks for recovery vehicle

4. All fuel cells or original fuel tanks must be securely fastened.

5. All drivers must wear a DOT or Snell approved helmet.

6. Vehicle must have a working seatbelt or racing harness which driver must wear at all times while the vehicle is in motion.

7. Roll Bar/Roll Cage is highly recommended, but not required for any hard top vehicle. Any soft or open top vehicle must have an approved roll bar/roll cage.

8. All pickup trucks must have clean beds and all bodies must be secured to frames. All tailgates must be secured or removed.

9. No loose objects of any kind in or on any part of the vehicle. This includes, but not limited to, driver’s compartment, box or bed of truck, and under/behind seats.

10. Vehicles must have a factory offered stock frame with shocks located in stock factory locations.

11. Only DOT approved tires. Cut, ground, or bar tires are not allowed.

12. Suspension lifts allowed.

13. No nitrous oxide, superchargers, or turbos allowed (Factory turbos and factory superchargers allowed.) 14. Aftermarket headers and exhaust are allowed.

15. Additional safety regulations and/or rules may be imposed at race time.

Classes $50 per Entry

Rerun Demolition Derby Vehicles

Small 2 Wheel vehicles (s10, rangers, etc.)

4 wheel drive stock

Open Modified



Side by Side UTV


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